Part 1 - THE NEED FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  The Options 38 program recently celebrated it's tenth year of service in the Lewis-Palmer School District 38 system, Part 1 looks at how it all began.

Part 2 - THE REALITIES OF A NON-TRADITIONAL APPROACH TO EDUCATION. Creating a new understanding of what some students need while building an innovation approach to education in Options 38.   

Part 5 - TEN YEARS OF OPTIONS 38. Part 5 hears opinions of some alumni who attended the OPTIONS 38 10 YEAR REUNION in November, 2015.

Four Seasons Farmers and Artisans Market in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.


Part 6 - THE FUTURE.  Options 38 continues to evolve to meet the demands of a changing world.


Part 3- ADJUSTMENTS TO MEET THE NEEDS OF OUR STUDENTS. Kim Mayer discusses key changes to Options 38 and what makes the program a family.

Part 4 - OPTIONS 38 WORKS! Students, parents and staff reveal why Options 38 is a good fit for many who enroll.

This video was filmed on the campus of Denver University, where Brett was a student before going to law school and a career in the United States Marine Corps.  It was my privilege to produce this for him.  

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Telling your story is what I love to do.  Helping you communicate with your audience in a clear, compelling and creative way is a core value.  My goal is to create something we're both proud of, earning the "Presented by Barkey Creative" title that we sometimes tag onto the end of our projects.

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Milo Mathews plays for Options 38 Film Studies Students. (4 mins.)


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A "Slash" is a term used for someone who can

do more than one job on a film or video.

A writer/director, or a producer/editor, for 

example.  It's baking the cake and eating it.

I am lucky to be able have done everything 

from presenting on camera to editing.  When

you work on low or no budget, being a "Slash"

is how your projects get produced.  Each

project is a new challenge and learning 

experience.  Given that, I love doing it and

I love putting in my 10,000 hours in order to become a better teller of stories.  This is one

reason that I went back to school to learn screenwriting, why I'm a proud patron of the "Master Class" instructional platform.

So let's get busy, because I'm your "Slash."

We can take a project from your concept or outline to a finished, shareable video that will be the ultimate connection with your audience.  Need a script out of then air?  

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