I have been teaching all levels of Ceramics at Lewis-Palmer High School since 2010.  My first training came under Maynard Tischler at the University of Denver where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Studio Art.  As it became clear that I'd be teaching Ceramics, I have continued to study and be inspired by his work, especially his large scale projects.  Tischler's cars and trucks are captivating, and I remember watching him hand-build, cast and mold as well as delicately detail the finishing touches on so many of his pieces.

Open spaces offer a great opportunity.  The Aspen Project will create a series of trees that span an eight foot by four foot stone wall space in a residence.  The wall is a grand attraction, which  will be seen immediately when entering this beautiful home.  



Celebrating the individuality of nature in clay...

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