Brian p. barkey

Educator, fine artist, filmmaker, and published soccer cartoonist. As a veteran of non-traditional art education, Barkey has taught in Colorado public schools since 1992. The last thirteen years he has worked in the Lewis-Palmer School District.   Brian Barkey has served as an instructor for Colorado Youth Soccer and specializes in the development of entry level coaches and players.  He has coached in Colorado since 1983.


Finding Espinosa - Book Summary

La Veta, Colorado is being ravaged by an arsonist.  Simon Elliott, a British Gulf War Vet is trying to complete his latest novel on the war, while moonlighting as an investigative reporter for the local paper.  When a curious sixth grader named Gabe Conejos knocks on his door, Simon’s world turns upside down. It’s one thing to be the most hated man in town because of his scathing articles, it’s another to be the only man in town with the key to solving La Veta’s worst crime spree in 100 years. Each visit to a burning crime scene triggers post traumatic stress symptoms, blurring reality.  Now, he must recall the carnage of his war experience if he is to save the town from further terror. Together with Gabe and his family, they uncover the dark secrets of a La Veta.   


Since 2007, Brian Barkey has taught Art and Film Studies to non-traditional students.  Students have produced short films each year.  Barkey has instructed LPTV, Lewis-Palmer High School's in-house broadcast channel since 2012.  Students deliver the daily announcements in a 3 to 5 minute news format.  Students also produce features and advertisements for the school's many clubs as well as prepare video packages with current events.  

"This is Options 38" is a documentary about the non-traditional high school program in Monument, Colorado.​  Alternative art education continues to be a passion, even as the Options 38 program closed.   

Barkey is a graduate of the University of Denver, earning a BFA in Studio Art while playing all four years for the varsity soccer team.  He also holds an MA in English (Creative Writing) with an emphasis in Screen Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.  


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Rates - $100 per one hour session per team.

Palmer Divide Soccer Club Rate - 4 days of training for $100 or $25 per session.

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