One of the biggest surprises of my artistic journey has been how much I love painting portraits.  The very first one I did really terrified me, but like anything, the more I did, the more I became comfortable with my own process.  I pushed myself to create studies, paying attention to details that helped tell the story of the subject.  My own children served as the best source of my inspiration as we snapped as many pictures of them as we could to capture every moment of their lives when they were young.

Still lives, mixed media and going big are three of my favorite things about creating work for people.  Whether it's a bowl of peppers that catches my eye, or a golden leaf portrayed in gold acrylic and tacky putty, I'm all in.  Then there's nothing like having a five foot by seven foot canvas to attack with an oversized challenge.  These projects are taken on with a great deal of preparation, mostly in the form of research.  Historic pieces are some of my favorite commissions, like the painting on the far right, called "Jury" which hangs on the Route County court house wall in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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Whether it's pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil or mixed media, I love providing the detail of a subject.  It is a massive challenge to try to interpret the personality of old structures, but studying them closely reveals an individual story.